Between Midnight and Dawn

A Literary Guide to Lent, Holy Week and Eastertide

Paraclete Press – 2016

This collection features Biblical readings, essays and poetry to compliment and enhance your Lenten journey. Poetry becomes more and more important to me as I grow through the seasons of life. I wrote the poem featured in this book, “Miserere,” after visiting the Benedictine Monestary in Florence, Italy. This guide was lovingly created and arranged by Sarah Arthur.
“A rich feast.”
~ Lauren F. Winner, author of Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis
“I may just be a bit smitten with this book.”
~ Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts
“Between Midnight and Dawn is an imaginative collection of poetry and prose that reveals what great literature is at its core: a psalm, a cry against the darkness, a prayer.”
~ Ashlee Cowles

Featured Poem

Edible tulips,
Oh so juicy!
I want to toss your
succulent stems into salad,
combine pointy leaves
with chicory and cress,
sprinkle spring petals
that sparkle on endive,
dash crouton crumbles for crunch.
Wait, is that Fritill-aria singing
it’s way onto your stage?
How dare thee,
pure poison intruder?
Tall summer pronouncement
ill-timed and misplaced,
leftover from seasons erased.
I banish your Imperial elegance,
a diva too grand
for salad,
I beg you to wait.