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House of Honor

The Heist of Caravaggio’s Nativity

Coming Soon – June 11, 2024
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The Godfather meets The Da Vinci Code, but with a redemptive twist.” —TARYN R. HUTCHISON, award-winning author of The Cold War Trilogy

Two Italian sons, one woman, linked by a masterpiece painting, are put to a test of loyalty and honor.

At the heart of this gripping tale is Orazio Bordoni, the wayward son of a construction magnate, living a reckless life like that of his artistic hero Caravaggio. He finds himself befriended by Nicolo Giotto, the devoted son of a powerful Sicilian mafia clan, who wants to uphold the honor of his family.

As the dark underbelly of the art world and the Vatican expose their true character, Orazio finds himself in a high stakes game where his loyalty is tested, honor is redefined, and the boundaries between life, love and art blur. He and Nicolo discover how far they’re willing to push those boundaries, even if it means sacrificing everything.

House of Honor is a pivotal story that weaves the threads of art history, the ruthless allure of the mafia and the enigmatic power of the Vatican into a riveting tale of betrayal, loyalty and love.

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