WelcomeSummer! The dog days are upon us and what better way to capture these waning sun kissed afternoons than at the beach. Our dog Snuggles digs a shady hole behind the lawn chair and rubs her face in the sand, protecting me from evil kayakers and threatening beach balls. She strikes fear in the hearts of sand flies.IMG_0964

Together we create dribble castles, run trails and lick ice cream remnants off of hot concrete or cones. We brush our hair less, sleep more and  stare at tree-tops. A bald eagle flies overhead so close we can hear the beating of wings. When we turn back, hoping for another look we find nothing. Our momentary visitor a vapor, just like summer.


Sit down to iced coffee with your journal and capture your favorite moments of summer. Catalogue them in verse and paint a corner with Queen Anne’s Lace. Take a deep breath, dream and make your moments count. Back packs are being delivered to Target as we speak.