Welcome Spring! Fresh thoughts and air press open our windows. We look out and wonder at the deepening green hues. Eastertide lilies adorn our sills and gardens. Our hearts inch toward warmth while we turn to face the sun, our chests still bound by coats not yet cast to the back of the closet. Hope. Everblooming. It comes every year regardless of the losses known in winter. A single scent of fresh cut grass reminiscent of sitting in school classrooms, windows finally cracked open and the hum of lawnmowers melting our math facts away. Stop. Take a deep breath. Sing. See.





Our new book, Everbloom – Stories of Living Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives, by the women of Redbud Writers Guild invites us to do just that, savor this new season in which our voices find strength, clarity and take wing on the breast of God’s love.